Ringing Chords in Kalamazoo Since 1941


Jerry Ditto

Brad Patterson

Matt Root


Clair Branch

David Dolph

Jon Mills

John Stiegemeyer

Michael  Sobel

Sam Patrie


Directors: David Woolf,

Jonathan Woolf


President: Lud Ouzoonian

Treasurer/Secretary: John Stiegemeyer

VP Marketing & PR: Michael Sobel

VP Music & Performance: Gary Monroe

VP Membership:John Crookston

Board Members @Large: Robert Schellenberg

Chapter Contact: Lud Ouzoonian

Chapter Webmaster: Gary Monroe


David Davis

Jim Gorka

Al Grieser

Bruce Jackson

Brendan Monroe

Lud Ouzoonian

Steve Root

Robert Schellenberg

Conley VanTol


Ron Bower

Patrick Hall

Gary Monroe

Mike Root

Jonathan Woolf

Our Chapter Four Got to Shave Our Chapter Quartets Boty2010 Barbershopper of the Year By Design By Design

Pictured above are:

Back Row: Robert Schellenberg, Bruce Jackson, Lud Ouzoonian, Steve Root,

Second Row: Brendan Monroe, Jim Gorka, John Crookston, Ron Bower

Third Row: Matt Root, John Stiegemeyer, Michael Sobel, Gary Monroe, Jerry Ditto

Front: David Woolf(Director), Sam Patrie, Jon Mills, Jonathan Woolf(Director) Mike Root

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